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Is something is missing in your life?
Do you have a new diagnosis?
Burned out & looking for hope?
Are you facing health challenges or feeling unwell?
Interested in more natural solutions to health struggles?
Overwhelmed with stress and anxiety or failing at self-care?
Curious about CBD or want to reduce reliance on pharmaceuticals?
Did you know you have the potential to heal yourself and live a more whole life?

Are you ready to do something about it?

My goal as an integrative nurse coach is to empower you to heal from whatever wounds you have. I will motivate you to shift perspective and incorporate changes in your life that not only improve your physical well-being and reduce stress but also allow you to increase your joy and satisfaction in life. 


Meet Nurse Lisa

I am a nurse who has been burnt out for most of my life. Only recently did I learn why. That awareness shifted my entire perspective and led to changes that finally allowed me to love myself and care for myself. Time after time in my life, my sense if identity was stripped away by circumstance. For many years I felt like I could only provide less-than-life-changing care to hospital patients. The meaning I found in my career slipped away the healthcare system slowly collapsed around me. Then, as a patient, the "system" placed the last straw upon my back; the one that broke me. I struggled and built myself back up into something new and beautiful, and my new understanding motivates me to share what I have learned. 


I am a health and wellness coach with an integrative and holistic approach, backed by clinical experience. That means I am especially well qualified to coach those challenged by disease or illness. Regardless of your baseline health, I approach your needs with a meta-lens, exploring biological, psychological, spiritual, cultural, sociological, and environmental factors that you might not have considered. Beyond mental and physical health, things like trauma, shame, stress, self-worth, oppressive systems, community, and finances often stand in the way of meaningful change. Finding and incorporating lifestyle changes incorporate is easier when we remove these barriers.

Lisa Capitani

I struggled through this process of self-development on my own through burnout, PTSD, and chronic pain. I regained a sense of identity and purpose, and I did it all on my own;


I can give you a hand up the first few steps so you can ascend to a level of wellness you didn’t think existed.

Your first FREE consultation session includes assessing your health history and individual considerations, plus developing an individualized care plan to get started and target your specific needs and goals. 





Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Endicott College

Medical Cannabis Care
Pacific College of Health & Science

Masters of Business Admin.
Post University


Other Experience

LPN Instructor: Anatomy & Physiology

Home IV Infusion RN

​Nurse writer



Biometric Screening Nurse

Admin & Operations for Doctors for Cannabis Regulation


Endoscopy & Gastroenterology RN

Board-Certified GI Nurse 2020-2025


Pre-operative Assessment RN


Emergency Department & Trauma RN

Board-Certified Emergency Nurse 2007-2015

Licensed RN in CT & NY


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Nurse Coach - ECS Specialist - Educator

Open to collaboration 

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Connecticut, USA

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