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What is Weed Week?

Weed Week is a journal for cannabis users, but it's not your typical response-tracking journal... This week-long journaling experience guides you to explore deeper and more intentionally into your cannabis use, the potential outcomes of your use, and the endless possibilities this amazing plant ally offers. Keep reading for more details...


Praise for "Weed Week"

Joyce Gerber, MA

“[Weed Week is] helping me and might help you utilize cannabis more thoughtfully and improve your health and wellness."

Hannah, GA

Weed Week Group Challenge Participant

“This journal really helped me in terms of gaining clarity on my situation and also on my goals, and how I get in my own way… I really liked having an intention for the session, and one of my favorite things was being more intentional and planning for smoking and meditating. I found that to be very therapeutic and healing because it really allowed me to… cut off my ‘monkey mind.’ I’ve had that experience in the past, but writing about it and how it made me feel, and the benefit I get from being more intentional really switched things up. It also made me more accountable for how much I was smoking. There were a lot of ways I was able to call myself out and point out ways I was getting in my own way because of how much I was smoking.”

Kevnesha Boyd, CT

“My favorite new cannabis resource. ”

Sensi Magazine Book Review

"Weed Week: A Seven-Day Journaling Challenge by Lisa Capitani. A Connecticut cannabis nurse, Capitani’s wellness philosophy of awareness, understanding, change, and healing to alter patterns, perceptions, and behaviors will help the reader achieve a life filled with health, wellness, and wholeness.

This book challenges the reader to practice intentional cannabis use, exploring the experience of different consumption methods and strains, tracking the information with prompts, and encouraging the user to build a relationship with the plant and its effects. Capitani embraces taking advantage of your cannabis habit as a tool for self-exploration and how cannabis can help improve your quality of life."

How Weed Week came to be...

I learned how important it is to track one's use of cannabis through my own experience as a cannabis patient. Keeping track of what products, doses, and delivery methods had what impact on my symptoms helped to manage my condition. But once the symptoms of pain and anxiety were reduced, I discovered the true magic of cannabis as medicine... the space it creates for us to do deep, introspective, healing work. I created Weed Week using my evidence-based clinical background guided by my experience and intuition, which has grown from working with this medicine. The tracking scales, scores, and guided prompts were each carefully designed and chosen to maximize benefits to your well-being and to expand your consciousness. 

Ready for a challenge?

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