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Announcing: A Transformative 8-Week Program

Starting Spring 2024

Unlock the Potential Within

Welcome to the Psychedelic Cannabis Journey—an onramp to deeper self-discovery and wellness.

In this small, tight-knit group of no more than 8 participants, we'll gather weekly for sessions that are as dynamic as they are tailored to your needs. Picture it as a cozy meeting where we dive into intentional cannabis use, health and wellness goals, and the magic that unfolds when we approach this plant with purpose. You'll learn everything you need to prepare, experience, and integrate a psychedelic journey with legal cannabis. This curated experience will offer tons of tactics and resources, so each participant can make customized, easy changes that bring them toward their cannabis and psychedelic goals. Having a community to share this journey is an invaluable part of the experience—imagine the support, understanding, and shared growth as we navigate this adventure together.

But this journey isn't just about cannabis—it's a gateway to advanced psychedelic work. I firmly believe that intentional cannabis use mirrors the transformative effects of other psychedelics, offering us a unique space for recognizing dysfunction, making changes, and doing it all with a gentle touch of self-awareness. It’s especially helpful for anyone with a history of trauma or with fear around the use of psychedelics but comfort with cannabis.

The ideal participant for this transformative journey is a cannabis user seeking intentional and mindful consumption. They may be looking to lower tolerance, reduce consumption, try new doses or methods of administration for health and wellness goals, or just to save money. Take the next step in your health and journey of personal growth. We view cannabis as a stepping stone to advanced psychedelic work. We also value community support, recognizing the power of shared experiences in fostering personal growth and change.

Participants must reside where legal cannabis access is available and be ready for an 8-week adventure starting this spring (tentative start date 3/11/2024). Send in this form to start the screening process. After we review this form, you'll be asked to complete additional screening via a detailed questionnaire and a discovery call.


Once accepted to the program, you'll make a transformative investment of $600 (with payment plans available). That's just $75 per week to alter the course of your life and put you on a road to health, wellness, and completeness. Act now, as only 8 spots are available in the inaugural group!

Completing this form does not guarantee acceptance to the program, nor is it a commitment to participate. You are under no obligation to sign up for the program if you submit this form. 

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