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1:1 Health & Wellness Coaching

My coaching incorporates a blend of:

Integrative Nurse Coaching

Moving Meditation

Guided Meditation Experiences

Herbal & Nutritional Support

Breathwork & Tapping

Techniques for:

Stress Reduction

Mind-Body Connection

Increasing Exercise Tolerance

Developing Social Connection

& Support Systems

I am also experienced with trauma and PTSD, addiction, and neurodiversity. 

Education and Integration Coaching Available

(before and/or after journeys)

Healing is complicated

Let me help you simplify it. Beyond that, let's make your healing a process of self development. You can finish stronger than you started.

I believe in human beings. I believe in lost knowledge. I also believe in science. That's why my approach is unique. I incorporate a wealth of modalities into a personalized care plan for each individual, from the esoteric to the peer-reviewed. 

While I understand the role and capacity of modern medicine, I also believe that healing is only possible with awareness and change. Medicine alone will not fix us. I believe in what works within the bounds of what is safe. 

I have experienced enough to know that not everything can be explained. Not everything needs to be. Let's find what works for you

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