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Weed Week: A Seven-Day Journaling Challenge for Daily Users Looking to Integrate Cannabis as a Tool for Health, Wellness, and Self-Discovery

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Attention cannabis users… Are you feeling burned out?

Use your cannabis habit as a tool for self-exploration! Try this seven-day challenge for cannabis users only. Learn to listen to yourself. Use weed intentionally and explore your inner potential.

Want to reduce stress and be more present? Try this journal for seven days and end the week with new perspectives.

Unique prompts… The prompts in the journal urge you to ask yourself questions. Some of these questions will be hard. Others will be enlightening. Every day of the challenge is a new opportunity to explore your unique inner world.

This challenge starts with getting burnt to fight burn-out. It may sound counterintuitive, but intentional cannabis use can actually invite awareness, understanding, change, and healing. Complete this challenge and combat the stoner stereotype. You will find inspiration and motivation to make meaningful changes that improve your quality of life.

This 100 page journal shows you how to use your high time with intention to explore your inner potential. Thoughtfully created by Lisa, a cannabis nurse, health coach, and medical cannabis patient and advocate, this challenge helps you use cannabis to do more than get just high.

If any of these ideas resonate with you, use this journal to access your higher self.

  • I want change but am unsure what, where, or how to start.
  • I am bored and trying to find meaning in my life.
  • I struggle to pinpoint what I really want or what really matters to me.
  • I have unmet needs, but I don’t know what they are, let alone how to fulfill them.
  • I need tools to take better care of myself.
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